Body to Body Massage in Central London

Oriental Body to Body Massage (B2B Massage)

Body to body massage is a therapeutic practice performed in a naked form that helps you to forget all tensions of your work and brings you to a new environment of relaxation promoting physical and psychological health.

Outcall Body to Body Massage is available. Booking number: 075-1177-8321.

Body to body massage (B2B massage)

Incall Body to Body Massage (Nude + Hand Job):

Your masseuse will expand your awareness, keeping you in the moment at all times. Her attire will delightfully engage your visual senses until your bodies make contact and her therapeutic skills deliver you into a state of passion and euphoria.

The body to body massage is very slow and sensual. The masseuse rubs some massage oil on your whole body and gets you stimulated. This stimulation reaches its peak both in physical and psychological levels when the naked body of the masseuse rubs against your body. It's really tantalizing when the oily naked body of a pretty masseuse rubs against yours.

She will glide over every inch of your body in a slow, gentle and rhythmic manner whilst her hands tantalisingly tease and toy with you only allowing you to fully release after you have neared the peak of climax several times over. This is absolutely the best way to quench the desire for touch and intimacy on the emotional, spiritual and physical levels.

A body to body massage is the ultimate surrender as men are able to feel more pleasure in one session than in their entire lives.