Tantric Massage in Central London

Oriental Tantric Massage in South Kensington SW3

A tantric massage is a full body, naturalist massage, during which your sexual energy is skilfully awakened to greater depths of sensual arousal, and then spread around your entire body, resulting in intense exotic massage relaxation.

Outcall Tantric Massage is available. Booking number: 075-1177-8321.

Tantric massage

Incall Tantric Massage (Nude + Hand Job):

During a Tantric Massage both you and the masseuse will be naked allowing for a more erotic and intimate experience. The session begins like a normal massage, you will firstly enter a state of deep relaxation using long deep breathing, meanwhile your masseuse expertly uses her hands to guide you on a sensual journey of letting go and surrendering.

Tantric massage will help you control your sexual energy and build up a deeper delightful connection between you and your masseuse. The therapist will expertly stimulate sexual energies within your body, excite and relax your levels of pleasure, bringing you to the point of a new sexual heights and pleasures and back again.

We can not stress enough how important breathing is in any Tantric massage. Breathing helps to promote relaxation and helps the receiver of a massage connect with his bodily emotions on a deep and sensual level. Deep rhythmic breaths will send your mind spiraling into your soul allowing you to feel your chakra and every single sensational touch made to your body elevating the pleasure to unfathomable levels.